Tower split screen view for Air Traffic Controllers

I was controlling today on TS1 and I am one of those controllers who uses the tower cam as well as the radar. Every time that I use the tower cam I constantly have to move the camera to view each part of the airport that I want. It would be a lot easier if there were like 4 fixed cameras on the whole airport on one screen so it would eliminate the hassle of having to keep pinching and dragging. So I’m requesting a feature where before you start controlling you can fix the cameras where you want them to be and then all of those cameras are like 4 individual squares on one screen.example…they can be fixed to point on a certain gate, runway, busy taxiway, or on the hold short line of a runway. This would eliminate the hassle of moving the tower cam every time you have to locate a certain aircraft or part of the airport.

A trick that I learned. Move the free camera above the airport, at a birds eye view. You can see all of the aircraft, and the taxiways easily. And you can overlay the radar without resetting the camera as long as you don’t switch views.


Also if you go to the map setting and turn the terrain offf, you will be able to see throuh better.

Then again maybe having this as optional feature would be fine. I wouldn’t complain if they implemented this.

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Yes, I do that sometimes but I would prefer an easier way to use the camera but this is probably at the bottom of the list for FDS lol

Yeah but then you can’t see aircraft as well, and as clearly, as it just in tower view


I do see the thing you’re trying to address here. Every Tower controller will switch regulary between radar and ground screen. Even more so when you also do Ground control, and you need to zoom in to aircrafts in order to control traffic. A split screen function could work on a bigger tablet screen, but on smaller tablets and phones, it would be fiddly I think. Hard to operate.

I too use the free cam a lot, and ‘park’ it somewhere handy. Its great in locations where you cant see parking areas, or runway exits or the hold short area. The problem is that if you switch views and then come back to the free cam, you find that it’s parked back into the starting position. For me it would be helpful if the free cam stays where I parked it, so I can easy switch between views.

So yes, split-screen would have my vote -if I had any left- but only for the
largest tablets.

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I do see the positive side of your request. its a nice one. but consider that small airports will do great on it. but do we really need to scroll on small airport. theres just one block of apron. but in large airports. take jfk, lax, egll. ask, how many cameras will you need to cover entire apron and taxiway. will 4 suffice…?

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