Tower-Seeing all inbound flights on radar?

I wanted to know if there is a way to see ALL of the flights that are inbound to my airport from the Tower radar.

I know that I can get a list of the inbound flights that have flight plans by pressing on my airport on the Airspace Status screen, but that just gives me the callsign and distance. Since the planes on the radar don’t have their callsigns visible until I select them, if the region is busy it can be hard to find the right ones (and then to find them again when they have moved).

So I wanted to see if there is a feature on the radar I don’t know about that shows every inbound flight at the same time.

Thanks for your help!

So far, there’s no feature like this one.

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There currently is no way to do this. I personally like your idea though. I would like this feature.


Other than the list that you just pointed out I don;t think there is a feature for that. When your at the tower you don’t have to worry too much about aircraft coming much further than 10-15 nm. If they are outside that range in real life they would be controlled by the approach or by a center. In this case just issue the command “continue inbound” under pattern instructions and sequence them once they are at a more manageable range. So reasonably fit your radar screen just around your airport and you should be able to cover most of your traffic. If your having trouble identifying your flights, if they care they will have already have switched to your frequency, they will most likely be blue. If you have someone working approach let them guide them in and you will not have to worry about them until they are on the ILS or final. You can also keep track of aircraft by knowing what aircraft your have cleared to land that will now be green. Hope this helps!

Thank you very much for your thoughtful and practical suggestions!

There is but not on the radar but if you go to the tab above tower view and click on your airport it tells you inbound flights and estimated time and lots of other info

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