Tower Reminder

Hey guys, I hope everyone is having a nice Thursday (or Friday for some of you). While controlling Tokyo today, I noticed a lot of aircraft requesting landing at above 10,000 feet and 40 nautical miles away.

Tower’s airspace spans 25nm out and 10,000 feet high. If you are above that or further than that, we will just tell you to continue inbound or to descent to pattern altitude, especially in busy airports.

Thank you and safe flights!


Yup! I think I saw someone fly over the airport at FL350 (they were doing loops - they overslept) and they called into the tower and I just went 🤦🏼‍♂️


They called in at FL350?! 😳


Yeah… - I couldn’t stop laughing…I didn’t think you could do that 🤣


I included a helpful visual below that applies to pilots as well. Image per IFATC Public Manual section 9.1.1


Lol, that is crazy.

Thanks for the diagram @infiniteflight_17

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But lets ensure that folks use the correct livery and the correct gate, because it’s all about the realism™…

On a serious note, there has been a serious increase in aircraft calling in at inappropriate heights. If you call in at 35k feet 30 NM away from the field while I’m controlling radar, I am going to send you out to do a hold somewhere for a bit. Let’s try some altitude realism™…


Preach @Chitown. Happy anniversary of the forum btw

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