Tower question

If an aircraft leaves the frequency then reconnects do they need another landing clearance if they already had one before they left the frequency?


I’d say if they leave and immediately come back, then you can just have them continue without a repeat of instructions


What @ToasterStroodie would also apply to controller changes in my opinion. Usually we brief each other on who is cleared and don’t issue further clearances.


That too^. I think the reasoning behind it is the situation will very rarely change where you’ll need to do something else with that aircraft, so if it’s the same guy and nothing will affect them, I’d say just let them be

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If you leave because your controller has left, then reconnect with a new controller, I’d ask for landing clearance once again.

When we switch on the expert server, this is what pilots see: XXXX Tower Offline followed by XXXX Tower Online. It’s a pretty fast switch.

Short answer, no. Although you will not be penalized for asking again.

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To addon you can see in the pilots ATC log, if you’ve been cleared or not, a way I personally use to find which are clear and which aren’t.


I personally will just leave it as it is. I can check the log whether has this aircraft been cleared for landing if it hasn’t then I’ll just clear him.

whether or not pilots request again,I think I will understand them.

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