Tower operations, aircraft too high on approach

I’ve been working TS1 with the intent to eventually get on the advanced ATC team. It’s been fun but, good grief, there are some pilots who have no clue what altitude they should be for approach…as in being at the outer marker and being at FL 100, 150 or even 200+. Usually I try to direct them downwind with the hope they catch a clue and decend…but many times I end up watching someone on final with too high an altitude in too short a distance, coming in at 200+ knots. Anyone have any luck with other commands?


Under pattern instructions, at the very bottom, there is a command called descend to pattern altitude. That is a useful one. Good luck with becoming IFATC, but there will always be nimrods on TS1.


Great, thanks for the heads up!


You will definitely find it a lot more realastic.on the advanced server good.luck my friend.


@Codeman, sounds like you have the common sense and ability to start training for the expert IFATC team. Don’t waste your time with bad habits on the training server. Just do enough to play around with the commands and get used to the menu. Then contact a recruiter to get you set up for testing. Trust me, it’s worth it.


@AR_AR, I already have. Took my written on Monday and scored 96%. Did my pracitcal that night but failed it due to some ground operation errors…I wasn’t used to simultaneously handling ground and tower and was too slow switching between screens and missed the first pushback request on one aircraft. Didn’t help that my wife distracted me for about 10 seconds, lol. He then went to the wrong end of the runway and I had trouble figuring out how to get him to the correct runway. Didn’t have any issues with the sequencing, transition and go around commands. Will try again in October.

In the meantime I’ve been practicing handling ground and tower on medium traffic airports like KONT and KPSP, becoming more comfortable with the interface.


I finally made It to Grade 3 a week ago and have enjoyed piloting in it. Much more professional.

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Feel free to open an airport that isn’t full of idiots and ask for some IFATC to fly for you for practice.


Thanks, will do.

@AR_AR is absolutely right. If you are a serious candidate (which you are) and you ask for us to fly for you, we will do our best to make it. The practice is invaluable and you should definitely do it. We are always looking to help trainees. Just yesterday I flew for 3 or 4 people.

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