Tower Online Issue...

I was on approach into MPTO just a few mins ago and was tuned into Unicom to mention my whereabouts. Then I get a message saying please contact tower, you’re in an active airspace. When I tuned out of Unicom, I was unable to see or tune into the active tower. I thought it would be wise to end flight before I get ghosted but bit annoyed I had to do so. Here are a few pictures below:

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This is a known issue. If you’re not surrounded by traffic, go ahead and turn on airplane mode for 30 seconds, and then reconnect to WiFi. This should reset the connection to the servers.

If you’re surrounded by traffic, it’s best to just divert. You can change your callsign to “NORDO” to let the controller know that you’re having issues.

You can also go to the airport that’s on guarding you and click that airport on the map. A list of active frequencies should show up, and you can try connecting to ATC from there.


I did turn off WiFi for a solid a minute and turned it back on but didn’t resolve the issue. About the NORDO thing, thanks for informing me about it! And yes I also clicked the airport to tune into the active tower but it wasn’t visible…I’ve uploaded a pic of it above


Did also have that issue today just a few minutes a go at the same airport


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