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I am new to ATC but slowly getting more helpful to pilots. I hope!

I do have a problem on occasion, when there is no approach controller. An aircraft will announce inbound to a runway that isn’t active or that isn’t convenient to ATC.

How do I deny entry and redirect to ATC preferred runway.

TOWER station.

It’s probably a question that’s been asked before but I can’t seem to find one in my search.


Give them a pattern entry for the runway you want them to use and then clear them.
With the training server though it’s not guaranteed the pilots will listen so just try your best.

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What @Chatta290 said. If they ignore that then I send “Wait clearance before landing” and repeat pattern inst + landing clearance. If that doesn’t work then you just have to work around them on TS.

Thank you … quite frustrating though.


A good incentive to work toward IFATC if you really like controlling!

For sure, I’m very keen to contact a recruiter. That’s the first step, isn’t it?


Here’s what I did and recommend.

Watch the tower and ground videos in this playlist. The approach is interesting but that is a phase 2 once you join IFATC (you start on ground / tower) After you have been controlling for a while watch them at least once more. Lots of little tidbits in there that are subtle but important.

Study this and pay attention to the details of timing, the order for commands, etc. One note - Tyler issues a “make left / right traffic” the first time a pilot is cleared for the option in a pattern. As long as the pilot is on the same RW and traffic dir as s/he took off from, this is not required. Anytime the RW changes you need to issue a “make XXX traffic” the first clear for the option.

When you feel like you have a good handle on ground, tower and pattern work, open a tracking thread like this one.

Join the ATC Education Group. This will help get people to fly patterns for you that know what they are doing.

Join the Pilot DB to get notified when other ATCEG members are controlling. Observing and providing feedback to others is a great way to hone your own skills. This is also referenced in the ATC EG post above.

Once you have done those steps I would recommend reaching out to a recruiter.



Here’s another great resource:

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