Tower killed me and 160 others.

Expert server. Aproach lobed off, new tower came on. Told me cleared to land. This is after I already gave the emergency fuel request. (7 min. Remaining) and then on a 3 mike final he tells the person holding short to line up and wait. Then tells me to go around. Fully aware that I had NO FUEL I quickly saw that another airport was nearby, 5mikes out. I tried to make it, but crashed. So essentially this tower controller killed me and 160 others.

I’ve seen a real decline in the expert server lately. Not just pilots but ATC as well. If a plane has emergency fuel you clear them to land. You make sure that plane lands SAFELY. I did not get the name of the controller because as soon as they saw there mistake they logged off. 😡😡 again breaking another IFACT rule.

Callsign: KLM 375

And yes I had a good 45 min. Of extra fuel on board.

Airport was Lisbon.



What exactly are you asking for?
Or is this just for awareness? 🤔

Anyways, the controllers right now are:

ATIS & Tower: @skotshi
Ground :@Chris_Hoover
Approach: @Hezz

Hope I could be of assistance.


I am not IFATC but i think i speak for all IFATC members when i say that all IFATC members are trained and tested and are good controllers and any controller will make mistakes, you also have to realise that when you are going into a busy airport, there are going to be delays and so you should take extra reserve fuel to compensate which you obviously didnt.


He took extra fuel. If what he described is correct, the situation was completely avoidable. This sounds like the fault of the controller to me…


Do you care to describe how 160 other planes were “killed”?

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There is no decline in IFATC quality. While these may not have been ideal conditions, what I see has happened here is probably due to the fact that the LUAW aircraft did not depart quickly. What I do not understand is why you didn’t just go around and continue to Lisbon.

I am not allowed to get involved with this and I suggest you PM the controller if there is an issue.

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I think he means passengers.


Should have diverted sooner. The new tower wouldn’t have been aware of your fuel.