Tower/ground controllers need to be able to reserve some parking for arrivals

Many airports have limited parking. When ATC opens an airport, planes flock to it, regardless of the number of available parking spots. In some cases, all parking spots may be occupied by new spawns, basically closing the airport to arrivals.

It would be nice if tower and or ground could flag spots as unavailable for spawning aircraft thereby preventing the blockage of arriving aircraft.

Very needed feature in some airports

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Great feature request, you have my vote! This could potentially stop holdings too!


Very much needed! Would’ve been perfect at NTAA when I controlled there!


Would love that for VNLK for example. With 5 gates, you pretty much have a constant outbound flow…


I’m 30 min out of NTAA. Just wondering if I should divert to the Cook Islands as looking at LiveFlight NTAA seems clogged. This feature would help a lot regarding inbound traffic.

Great request indeed, totally voted as this is a huge problem on ES

This has been up for only two hours and already has 17 votes. You have my vote!

This would make a good band-aid fix to the problem. Some airports are just not built for the traffic flow of IF, airports with a single runway, backtaxi and or lack of open ramp space. While reserving gates for arrivals would be a possibility for dealing with extreme peak traffic, it only delays the problem, as there will be horde of players waiting on the spawn map for the second someone despawns, to take their place.
Personally, a constantly rolling release-time system, based on projected traffic at the time of arrival seems like it would be a more efficient system, because instead of increasing the chaos level, it would give everyone a better picture of the traffic levels at your ETA. However that is the topic for another post.
While I can’t see myself freeing up a vote for this, I would support this addition as a short term fix, along with ATC schedules that chose airports appropriately sized for expert server traffic, (ie: less SXM)