Tower ground comm

I had the tower at psp. I had a smooth traffic flow, 31L and R. Ground sent two a/c to 13L, who then requested T/O clearances. I could think of no way to tell them that 13 was the active. I sent them back to ground. Then they just took off in the face of landing traffic. Any ideas?

I guess this happened on Playground, and there’s nothing you can do in that case except on guards & “You were not cleared to enter the runway”-command…

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Just send traffic advisories???

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ignore them. Focus on your sequencing. This is most important thing. Or try to have both ground and tower.


There is no way to deal with unless IF decides to make a feature that allow us to communicate between tower, ground, and possibly with other frequencies in the same airport. Since real ATC does in real life, we should have that feature as long as this is simulator, not a game.

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I agree 100% it would definitely be a nice feature

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