Tower/ground and Approach/Departure communication

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Good idea! However, IFATC controllers already have a way to communicate with their GND/TWR and radar components. Therefore, I only see this being useful on TS.


How do they communicate besides pre-determined things on the community? (I am not IFATC so I am not aware of this.

Answer via PM, as this is kind of getting off topic.

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I feel like we should remember though that this is the training server that we are talking about and it’s really only a 50/50 chance that the tower/ground or approach/departure controllers would listen to each other.

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Well the topic has just stated this is an expert server idea :/.

I thought that the IFATC’s already had communication methods (Slack I believe) so wouldn’t it make this pointless?


Well… let me think for a minute to see how this is useful.

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What, i dont get what you are trying to propose

This could be used for TS also

Instead of approach blindly vectoring in people tower could communicate the active runways.

Read this^^^

Sorry I was really lying to humars post about this only being an expert server thing

What does that mean

@Luke_King-kong its the runways that are being used, in this case 7R,7Land 6R,6L

Let’s say runways 7L is open at LAX. The 7’s are not usually open, so approach could be to people in for the 25’s. This would eliminate that from happening. That is just one functions of this system

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Okay, I’ve thinked of all scenarios where this would be useful and it always ends up with Slack being the answer when you put it into perepsective for IFATC (Infinite Flight Air Traffic Control). So this basically is unnecessary for Expert server.

@Lil_Qaz If you have read my previous statements, there is already several consequences/possibilites that lead to consequences with this, including but not limited to: Cyberbullying, inappropriate or objective conversations, etc. Also, I also said earlier that implementing restrictions for those possibilites is almost difficult to do so.

So… that means there isn’t really a possibility that this could be implemented for either training server or expert server. I could say this could be implemented on the training server if we came up with a perfect way to restrict possibilites that lead to consequences, but we can’t think of any for the moment.

So ATC would chose the runways instead of everyone all over the place

sometimes on ts if all the runways are green atc will just use all the runways, but not on expert


Yes, on expert it will say all the runways in use on atis, so only request those runways

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