Tower going against ATIS

I was on approach today into LFTM and I tuned into the ATIS and it said Takeoff runways 34L, 34R, 35L, and 35R. But when I tuned into tower and requested runway 35R I was directed to Runway 17R.

This is the ATIS

And this is what I was told

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It looks like the controller selected the wrong runways in the ATIS by accident, or they did a runway change and forgot to update it.


@KaiM is the controller. :) I’ll link him the thread so he can respond with the full details

Your best bet is to PM @KaiM. However, he might be headed off to sleep.

Also, when there is no approach frequency active, you are not supposed to call inbound on the ILS. Just call inbound for landing, since you have not been cleared for an approch.

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I have taken off like 15 minutes earlier the controler made me taxi to the opposite runways as ATIS said

Sounds like there was a wind shift and they have not published the updated ATIS. It happens from time to time. Nothing to worry about. Just follow their instructions like usual.

Hey, thanks for the alert guys. I simply forgot to hit the publish button on the ATIS screen. Got a bit confused as some pilots were calling in with the new ATIS code even though I hadn’t published it - go figure. Anyway, thanks for letting me know.


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