Tower Frequency Not Visible

Controller @AFKLM is calling me but the frequency he is asking me is not looking like wiii 120.50. If you want I can send you the replay should you need it.

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Change your Callsign to NORDO and proceed normally


Is this Calssing NORDO supposed to know that it does not seem like the frequency to me?

It means “No Radio” letting the controller know you cannot currently communicate

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So if I put this callsing avoids taking ghost if it does not look like it? Thanks for explaining @DiamondGaming4 .


Hey, it was me controlling at WIII. I figured you had some sort of problem with connection or whatnot so decided I’d just let you takeoff since there was near to no traffic at all. You’re lucky I’m a nice guy, but not sure why you weren’t able to contact me as all other aircraft have been able to.


Good thing you have a good sense hahahhahahah … I confess that I was scared. Taking advantage that you are when using NORDO you know the problem?

I worked out the problem without that, but take note that if it were busier I or another controller wouldn’t have had the time and would most probably have ghosted you. If it happens again, I’d suggest you maybe exit and restart the app as then there’s absolutely no chance of being ghosted!

Thank you very much for explaining … today I can say that I was lucky !!!

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Generally, we are more than happy to deal with comms Issue (callsign okay, but not required), but more at the end of a flight.

If you have yet to takeoff, and you’re already having comms issue, and plan to travel to a busy airspace with several other frequencies with which you’ll need to communicate, it’s generally a better idea to fully close the app and start over. There’s a possibility that this will be the only freq you’d have problems with, but there’s also the chance that you won’t be able to communicate with any of them, which is not ideal, especially if planning on flying to the FNF hub or something.

That’s not to say you’ll be automatically ghosted or anything. But not being able to communicate at the start of your flight doesn’t portend well for the rest of it, because the server connection is awry somewhere.

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Thanks for the clarification @Tim_B😀😀✌

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