Tower Frequencies at KLAX complaint

Just Landed at KLAX and was super annoyed. Reason being the two tower controllers kept telling me to switch to the other freuquency ( 133.9 telling me to switch to 120.95 and vice versa). This has happend to me alot of times and it is super annoying when you are actually concentrating on GS and LOC when on final. this needs to be addressed.

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I know right! Matt responded to me. They are going to fix it as soon as they can You need to fix the multiple tower frequency thing - #6 by Swang007

Please search previous topics before you Post. This Item has been address and is in the process of being corrected. Patience my son & a little research always points the way… Regards, Mad Max

@Swang007. Pls consider pinning this topic, tanks, Max


Yes!!! It always happens to me, never know on which frequency I have to transmit …

I always go for the lower frequency as its sit top of the list more ppl likely to tune in less confusion and in most cases higher frequency joined later. Some of them there to ruin the party😀. This idea suppose to be used with 2side of the airport ex.klax but it ruined it.

I agree with Alex Teemu, it can really be annoying. It happened to me during take-off…it was horrible. Just after take-off, I left the frequency to Socal Departure - KLAX ;)

Ridiculous right. There was a guy who wanted me to contact ground when I was taking off!

Also, 5 seconds after I spawn, there’s already a guy wanting me to contact SoCal Departure.