Tower duplicate freq change

The title is as says. It’s a duplicate frequency change command but for tower. You would find it in miscellaneous
image Frequency change is given with exit runway command and sometimes people stay on the runway on the other side of holdshort line and request frequency change. Than you send it
“You were already instructed to change frequency avoid sending duplicate messages”
In expert you can say
“Please follow instructions”
But for people in IFATC process this would help on the training server. And it also teaches pilots some common sense!

I can’t say I see a massive demand for this Tower ‘instruction’, but yeah, I get the idea. I wonder who’s ever looked for this instruction, because a pilot requested a frequency change to Ground…

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Me many times. And than you just have to submit and say contact ground on 123.45

I run into this problem quite often as well, shouldn’t be too difficult to add and would be a nice to have.


If you already use the EXIT RWY command and they’re still asking for a freq. change, I think the “Please follow instruction” command would be nice ^^. I encounter this almost everyday if I am active at a random airport. It would be double to give them the frequency they asked, since you already instructed them to change frequency.

I’d say that this isn’t only for changing frequency, but also for pilots who do not listen to the controller. For example if you instruct to taxi to 20L, but they say: “stand-bye” and “Req. taxi to opposite runway 01R”