Tower doesn't respond...


I’m flying from Chicago to Salt Lake City. But the ATC at Chicago didn’t respond. I have some screenshots too. Fun thing they did react when an American was standing on the runway to take-off, they gave a reminder to contact tower…
After the tower didn’t responded I just took off. Requested an departure, but still no reaction.

Danil Karmadonov aka. TweetyFlights

Sounds like this was on the Training Server. Am I correct?

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Hmmm… The tower must be asleep or on some lunch. What server is this? Is this the expert server? Because it is certainly happening only in training servers. It would be unusual for the expert server ATC’s. If it is on an expert server, check if you were ghosted at some point. Being ghosted makes you invisible from other ATC’s and players. I hope this much helped.

This was on an Training Server.

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You are correct.

Okay, yea sometimes users controlling on that server are learning and may not respond/reply to everything. Once you get access to the Expert Server things will be different; controllers on Expert receive formalized training and testing so there’s a different experience for pilots.

Oke, thank you. But it removes a bit of realism. But it’s an training server I understand.

Thank you for your time!

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As Levet said, your experience will get better once you have access to the Expert server.

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True in that it is Training. We’ve seen some great controllers come from the Training Server though. It’s a great system for farming future controllers and a Segway for those that enjoy controlling to share the experience with pilots.

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I control tower on a daily basis and Some planes just appear to be UNKNOWN and that means I can’t do anything related to it maybe it is because of ghosting

Unknown is more of a connection issue which could be due to a poor internet connection or when people keep backing out of the app during a flight.

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