Tower did an oopsie

I got cleared for immediate takeoff runway 4L (KJFK)
However, the tower told American 862 to go around whilst he was on short final 31R.
When tower told American 862 I was 100ft off the ground this nearly caused a collision as shown in the picture.


Yes this happenes.
In the future if you’re on final and a little further out you can give the controller a friendly reminder by saying your position. But obviously that wasn’t an option.

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Mistakes do happen. Not only on Training Server but also on Expert and even in real life.

It’s an opportunity to learn and get better.

And I’m really glad that I wasn’t a passenger onboard this American Airbus judging from your picture…


if Just two of you flying it could have been easier to spot ;)

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While not possible every time, simply try to monitor go-around announcements for crossing runways. Make yourself aware of the traffic situation and don’t hesitate to abort a takeoff if there is a go-around on a crossing runway.


The proper procedure on a go around is not to make an immediate 180.

American should have continued runway heading into the upwind, then make left or right traffic.

(Which is not to say your clearance shouldn’t have been cancelled, they’re not mutually exclusive.)


Never do this.


If that was me everything would be fine because I would clear the American by more than 1000 ft.

Really? Pretty sure I saw somewhere that you ought to do this and I’ve seen it happen many times in live, and consequently the tower told the aircraft to hold position instead of departing.

But you’re the expert…

You should only report position if you have yet to receive landing clearance or if you’ve been in pattern and are announcing full stop.

The controller has RADAR. They know the planes on final are there. They may have waited to issue the GA because they were hoping it could be avoided or something, you’d have to ask them, as only they would know.


I can see why someone would think something they did then can make the controller second guess what he was doing and help but you’d need more information (usually information that only the controller has) to determine that your report position helped in that situation. It very rarely helps, it always is a major nusience when an unproductive transmission is sent.

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Wow, that was close one ;) , at least we can thank the new replay features I can see their mistake was giving the wrong direction to go around, they could have directed AA826 to make right traffic, and for that American he could have made a turn without that bank angle.

he made a turn as soon as the go around command was given, isn’t that wrong?! he should have continued on the runway heading until the upwind and then make a turn for the heading that was given to him.


Yeah, your actually correct.

Yes, that portion was pilot error. You should continue on runway heading to you at the least pass the opposite end of the runway’s runway threshold, then begin a 30 degree turn to the left as long as you are clear of traffic to your left. The left traffic go around instruction didn’t make much sense on paper unless Approach instructed Tower to put them on left downwind. There’s many things that go into the decisions we make, it’s not cut and dry most of the time.

Yes, this is how far he needs to go before he can turn, tracking Lga vor course to movfa. Hehe most of us sometimes don’t even track ILS when landing. :D

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Is this missed approach procedure applicable in this situation? Tower instructed a GA and to make LT for a RWY, after all 🤔

funny my house situated 90° from Gatwick 26L on the left when I hear noise over my house i check flight radar24 it’s usually go around or missed approach. I got really curious after your question, would they really go around over runway. Checked Gatwick chart I think it says either you go runway heading or make 1 before runway. (I will add Flightradar24 here when I come cross go around again)

I would think the MAP would be the way to go, but I bet there’s no such ATC instruction in IF.

On a go around, you would follow ATC instructions over a published MA procedure. They wouldn’t let you fly the MA procedure if it would cause a confident… they would vector you as appropriate for your next approach.