Tower Controller giving different commands than approach controller

Hello All!

I was recently flying during yesterday’s FNF around Réunion Island. I was just going from the other small airport on the island to the Roland Garros Airport in a FedEx Cessna 206, so I was slower than most other aircraft there. I contacted the Approach Controller as soon as possible, that was when they began giving me radar vectors for runway 12. At the time, most arrivals were occurring on runway 14, with departures happening on 12. After a few minutes of turning all around to get in line, the approach controller gave me approach clearance for runway 12. I was about 3 Nm out from the runway when I contacted the tower controller at Roland Garros. When I announced that I was in final for runway 12, I was given the message “FedEx 6797, please check assigned runway”. I was confused, as I was now 2 Nm away from landing, and being directed to land here by approach. I did not know what to say. I answered with “Stand by”, and then again with me being on final for runway 12. After that, I was told to listen to instructions or I would be ghosted. That made me initiate a Go Around, and then I was directed to land on runway 14.

So, I was just wondering, what was I supposed to do in this circumstance. Tower just said check assigned runway, but approach assigned me this runway and tower hadn’t given me any instructions. Thanks for anyone who can help!

P.S Attached is a screenshot of some examples of the ATC communication I had. I just want it know that I am not angry, but I am just confused.


Hey there!

I was your approach controller.
I had told you to expect a visual approach for runway 14.

That being said, I lined you up with runway 12 to allow for a jet on runway 14 to pass before you landed behind them.

This was due to your slow speed.

You were told to go around because your assigned runway was runway 14, and you had confirmed a clearance for runway 14.

I hope this helps clarify. Thanks for your understanding!


Oh ok, I did notice that you said runway 14, but assumed that it was just a mistake when you lined me up with 12. I initiated the go around, as I did not have clearance to land. It makes sense now, thank you!

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Also, I am just saying that there wasn’t a way for me to know that I was supposed to be on 14, or when I was supposed to move to 14.

There were many ways for you to know that you were on 14.

1: When Will said “expect vectors for the visual approach 14”

2: When Will cleared you for the visual approach 14

3: When Tower cleared you to land on 14.


Ok, the first two I understand, but tower never cleared me for 14. I can see that I am at fault, and I am sorry, but thank you.

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