Tower confusion

Well considering it was Moscow and the airport was basically empty I just decided to give him the clearance to take off. However when the airport gets busy am I to assume the correct operation was to asking to exit the runway


They’re already on the runway, so best course of action is to clear them and free up the runway for other operations. Be mindful of any late go arounds though.


Well you can ask - but would you agree that if they were about following basic instructions they wouldn’t be in the runway in the first place? You got two options - either completely ignore or clear for takeoff.

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Exactly there were was an aircraft on very short final which I ended up giving the go around 2 hopefully I didn’t piss the pilot off

And I’m just hoping that that pilot understood that the go around was giving in the interest of safe operations. I hope the pilot didn’t think I didn’t know what I was doing as a controller

Sadly there are some pilots who do this on expert aswell and they needed to be ghosted.

But I do see this a lot more on TS1. I don’t know if there is a real solution to stopping this other then “Check Help Pages”

Issue the go around, wait for them to execute the go around then clear the aircraft on the runway for takeoff after the go around is clear of its departure path. At the end of the day, it’s TS1. Just have to do the best you can with the hand dealt.

Well they took away the check help Pages or anybody that’s probably not IFATC But I have noticed that the new grade 2 coming onto the live server asking for ATC really do not have a clue as how to work with ATC and communicate with them and they can’t learn that on the Casual server because there is no way UTC there for them to practice

No one visits KLAX on Casual that is in the IFC. Just me.

I mean, a solution is to just implement a ban function with the message PLEASE ASK FOR CLEARANCE BEFORE ENTERING THE RUNWAY. Oh wait, that’s a command, except for the ban part. Use the “Please ask for clearance before entering the runway” command.

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So with that I welcome you guys all here:


I’m pretty sure it is “Please wait for clearance before taking off,” which wouldn’t really fit very well here because they are stopped on the runway, and asking for clearance. Don’t quote me on that though.

I don’t know if I qualify for that only have 27000 ops…hopefully good ops 😂

Let me try to find the command, will edit this post with an update.

UPDATE: The command is “EXIT RUNWAY”, can be found under “Misc Messages”

With 27,000 ops, you are more than qualified. You only need 500. See the post he attached

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Thanks. Most of my time spent on Infinite Flight is as the ATC I mean I like to fly the pilot but for me it’s more fun doing ATC work because I like the stress levels

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Sorry for the self promotion, but I invite you guys to check out my post about possible ATC tutorials, etc.

This could help the situation, providing new users to learn how to cooperate with ATC.

I would like to thank everybody who responded to this post and I look forward to providing even better customer service for my pilots and passengers.

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Yes, check out @jetPro’s feature request about the ATC tutorials, really would help in-game. There should be ones to pass grade 1 when piloting too.

For now, we’ll just have to use “EXIT RUNWAY”, “Cleared for takeoff” or just completely ignore them.

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I would suggest asking them to leave the runway. It’s what would be done on expert and we should not be teaching them bad habits. They should know this is bad practice

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