Tower call for take off

Leaving KATL made my tower call for take off while taxing to runway 9-L heading west, and someone else made a call after I’ve made my call, and they entered the runway anyway and cause my too crash.



I’m going to assume this was on Training or Casual?

Couldn’t have been on expert?

No, it wasn’t, I can’t believe someone did that tho

What server?

Don’t remember right off, i would have to go look!

But i have to give it to the pilot who heard my call, he was using the same runway, he gave a hold short call

Well, some people don’t take the sim seriously as the majority of us do. There was no IFATC (if it was Expert) or mods present, so nothing can be done.

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You’re right

I don’t fly on pilots flight plan, if I hear a takeoff if I’m to that runway I’ll hold my short, it’s not a brag but I’ve been using the simulator when you couldn’t fly airspace to airspace, you had to pick an airport and fly around it, they’ve come a long way with, i love it lol

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Yesterday at EGLL, the tower gave me a clearance to line up and wait while suddenly i saw an aircraft overflying me and landed on the same runway without any clearance for landing given🤔🤷‍♂️

Everyone is learning! The majority of pilots are good, however sometimes you will come across some who are not.