Tower ATC @KSAN - PG [Closed]

See you over there ;)

Landings only on 27… please >.<

Edit: open again! A new day, new chances.

I really need an approach

still open? maybe I can come

Jup! You’re welcome!

oke I come

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In a Dash-8? ;)

do you want feedback?

Always! Tell me

I will PM you otherwise everyone know

No problem for me, what you prefer.

Open again! come join you all!

Edit: Anyone? :o

Mate…check tylors tutorial about sequencing…greetz Thai1976

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I will, thanks for the tip! :) I’m still open by the way!

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Yep, were just there…thats why☝️😁

Haha I know, I saw you, it was for other people so that they still join.

Edit: now closed.

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