Tower ATC and fairness

Hey IFC. The past couple of days people working tower ATC have been increasingly unfair. I know you all are probably thinking that it’s a one time thing. But trust me it happened twice at LLBG and just now at LEPA. Where a couple other planes and I are waiting at the end of the runway in line for takeoff, then someone who thinks they’re entitled or being simple RUDE cuts the line and decides to wait in the taxi way before. Then what does tower do? You’d think they’d make them wait but NO. The come wait 15 seconds and are cleared for takeoff, while the rest of us wait for more than 10 minutes. There is no excuse whatsoever. Even if the airport busy the people who were first should leave first. If you are a tower controller or any type of controller you have a responsibility to be fair and an innocent mistake might happen and that’s okay. But not when you ignore everyone waiting first and do it 4 times. That’s what happened at LLBG. The only chance me and the others had to takeoff was when tower went offline!


Hi, I was your controller at LEPA. If you wish to discuss that, please PM me. Thanks!

We are human, we make mistakes, we forget things. We’re sorry it happened to you, but rest assured we are always trying our best to control efficiently and get all aircraft out as quickly and safely as possible. Obviously, we aren’t perfect. We can all admit that, all 400+ of us. If you have further concerns other than my service at LEPA, please direct them to Tyler or an IFATC supervisor.


Thanks for replying but i don’t think you were my controller at LEPA when i was departing. The name was “SREEHARI IPP GAF”.

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Oh, I could’ve sworn I was your controller, but I guess not 😂

In that case, please PM @Hari.


thank you! i think you were my controller while i arrived into LEPA and then you must’ve switched while i was on the ground.

Sorry about that. Thanks!

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Hello sir I’m extremely sorry for causing a inconvenience to you …
It’s been a month I’m a new guy here …
I was only tower at LEPA
Trust me none of IFC will know what a busy airport controlling is like …
Tbh it’s compeltely different scenarios when u have peopel who monitor u …
Sometimes we cannot always lookout for a person doing mischeifs…
Trollers are there And mods are here to take care …
Having 5-6 inbounds and also have to make y’all take off is not an easy task …
In my mind it’s to get u airborne befoe the guy on final coems too close so naturally whomsoever I see first on line I give them CLEARANCE …
It’s very difficult to keep an eye on ground always …m
We need maintain separation and prevent go arounds …
I was trying my best
I extend my Apologies …
U can approach a moderator regarding any false practices 😖
Once again I’m just new controller but trying to be a better controller…
Do forgive me 🙏


From my experience you did great and well done because its not an easy task when you are getting spammed at by 10 departures haha. Everyone’s a learner and I’m sure you will develop your skills just like I’m doing:)


Thnx 😍😍😍😍sir

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