Tower at YSSY

Hey dear community! I want to say sorry about the poor service that I provide to you for about 15-20 minutes when the Approach frequency was closed. I got fully spammed and was really hard to controll it. I give you a lot of go arounds and 360s.
For my luck, @robert_xing comes and open a second tower frequency and just at that moment i can handle you all with extend downwind/continue inbounds, etc.

Again sorry all and thanks for the patience, always learning a bit more and keeping the practice.


Practice makes perfect! No one can be expected to control perfectly when you have that amount of call-ins with no approach and have a perfect session every single time they go to control, no matter the traffic, so just keep working and trying to be the best controller you can possibly be! ;)

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Luckily my landing worked so quickly :D

But for real, even I had to go around 3 times, it’s definitely not your fault. Many pilots cut in line and wasn’t patience. Keep it up!


This is so nice to see someone do this open to the entire IFC. You did amazingly, and I’m sure everyone here knows how stressful it is when approach goes offline.
Pilots may misbehave which really is unfair at times, it’s far beyond your control.


@Georgios_P I was spotting and saw you GA a few times! Looks like you were just about to grease it as well!

@alberto_lopez practice makes perfect. Do remember IFATC is a team and sometimes you can’t carry the full load and it’s ok to ask for help. Good luck and hope you’re next session goes better. None of it is your fault it’s just simply ignorant pilots…

Happy Flying :)


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