Tower as Approach

This might be just an opinion.

When there is a tower controller with no approach, PLEASE understand I as a tower controller cannot give you clearance to land from 38nm and your aircraft is @FL240.I will however give you a pattern entry and then clear you when your aircraft is just a bit closer. Please correct me if I’m wrong ATC experts.


Tower range is 25nm and you’re correct that you have to give a pattern entry to an approaching aircraft, as in enter left/right down wind for runway **
Approach controller range is 50nm @ 18,000ft, it winds me up when you get aircraft at 35,000ft @ 20nm asking to land…


you’re correct, you shouldnt give landing clearance if the aircraft is too far out and too high, if its me ill just send pattern entry and “descend to pattern altitude”, and id need be i will send 360s

It just seems that when there’s no approach or departure controller tower has to do a lot of work. Especially without ATIS on the TS

atis doesnt do much… it just gives airfield information, in fact some charlies in expert dont have atis (yet)

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It was just so strange today I was controlling at Narita RJAA without an approach controller and these inbounds still need to land so it was like doing pattern work without it being pattern work I still have to sequence then clear. I wish tower could give a heading or altitude on departures.

I occasionally use ‘continue inbound’ when they’re so far away and way too high, when they get closer and I can see where I can slot them in I will give pattern entry and sequence.


I agree. I just hate it when they keep spamming the system requesting and Landing and they are 38 nautical miles from the runway I can’t clear you to land from that far, I don’t know what’s going to happen between 38 nautical miles and when you get closer, there might be another aircraft that might just pop up on my radar

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The don’t spam you on the ES but you still get people calling inbound inappropriately all the time.


I would highly recommend becoming IFATC…I read over a lot of your topics and I really think that the pet peeves you outline in these topics is absent or reduced on the Expert Server. I’m sure you would have a better time as a IFATC controller. The wait, theory and practical exams are worth it in the end.


I’d like to add that you should really refrain from calling inbound 37nm out especially if it’s busy. A. There’s really not much we can do pattern entry wise and B. It distracts us from aircraft that we’re trying to sequence closer to the airport. It’s not ghostable, but it’s very annoying.


I also suggested that to him but he said on facebook " to be honest with you it’s just too much red tape"

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I actually prefer controlling on the training server because you have more airports with pilot traffic then on Expert server where they just usually go with a schedule, on the training server you can open everywhere and anywhere and it’s kind of cool

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If i don’t have approach and they request to land 39nm away and are at 18,000+ plus i like to tell them to continue inbound


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