Tower and Ground without ATIS (expert server)

Hi there,
why sometimes we can find some open ATC in the expert server without ATIS but just tower/ground?

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Hello, Lupo!

There are multiple possible scenarios.

  1. Sometimes, not all airports have an ATIS frequency. This was evident especially in the GA FNF that happened this week.

  2. When a controller has just opened, they get bombarded with requests. While handling those, they may not have time to configure and publish the ATIS for a minute or two. The ATIS frequency won’t appear until it’s published.

Can you provide me with a specific situation and I can try to help you understand?



There is no particular situation I remember now, yeah maybe last time on last FNF. Sometimes I noticed that and was curious :)
Anyway I was convinced that IFACT configure ATIS before open!
Thanks for your reply!

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