Tower and center help

Hi everybody I am having a little trouble understanding the controls with Tower and center I will be controlling Washington center soon. I would love to get pointers of how to improve
Thanks everyone

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I would start with the manual.


Your best bet is to look here!

Tower Manual

Center Manual

And the manual Chris_S linked!

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Thanks @Chris_S and @MJP_27

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I would focus on ground and then tower before moving on to center/approach.


Ok thank u

I will be at Washington Dulles controlling @Chris_S could you pop in with a plane and see how I do pls??

You can also make an ATC Tracking thread as well!

See here on how to make it!

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Edit: @MJP_27 got there first


Thank u @InfiniteFlightDeck

Can I pm u @InfiniteFlightDeck

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Coming soon

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I need a moderator at IAD PLS

Why would you need a mod

It’s over someone was there