Tower airspace on guard command

Hey IFC, just a short question while studying the manual: when should I give an on guard message to incoming planes? When an AC is within the outer ring of the airport (lateral) and at or below 5000 AAL? Or at 25 nm away of the airport and when I can see the aircraft has a plan filed to a specific airport runway, indicating it wants to land?

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Your physical Tower airspace extends to the boundaries of the innermost circle and 5000ft AAL, but your on-guard is 25nm away direct and at or below 10000ft AAL.


Thx, so that means when an AC is entering the 25nm and is at 10000 I can give the command. Thx!

Yup, precisely! Section 5.2 of the ATC Manual goes a bit more in-depth about the on-guard procedures, and Section 5.1 talks about airspaces, if you want to know a bit more.


Oof must have been blind 😑 I read several times over this without seeing 10k alt. Thx @ToasterStroodie


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