Touring through Europe in a Cessna

I decided that it was time to start a littke journey in a good ol’ 172.

Part One:
The first flight of this journey will take us from Copenhagen (EKCH) to Strausberg (EDAY), a small town near Berlin.

Here we are, parked at the GA in EKCH. Time to fuel the plane, pack our stuff and get going.

Taxiing to the runway

Departing runway 12. Goodbye Denmark 👋

Cruising over the western baltic see, while still slowly climbing. Our cruisespeed was around 100 knots.

We’ve reached the German Coast! We can see the island of Rügen to our left. Right now we are cruising at 8500 feet, where the temperatures were at less than 0°C…

Passing Eberswalde Finow (EDAV) on descent. This airfield is one of many in the region that have large parts of the apron filled with solar panels. Apart from that it’s located within a forest and has a friendly ground service, which I once met when accidently landing here in a glider.

Approach and landing on runway 23 in Strausberg. I skipped the normal pattern work, which would happen to the south of the airfield, and came straight on right base. Usually I would’ve also landed on the grass runway, it’s certified for up to 5.7 tons, as it has lower landing fees. At this time of day I prefered to take a runway that is equipped with lights however.

Safely made it to a parking position, relatively closely to the tower. Time to pay the landing fees and take some rest in the airfield’s hotel. Our Cessna will also calmly spend the night here.


Part two:
Today I took the Cessna on a shorter flight, just over to Fehrbellin (EDBF). The town and airfield are located to the north west of Berlin.

After quickly turning the Cessna around it is time to go

Departing runway 23 Grass in EDAY with some crosswinds. Those certainly don’t make it too easy, yet they are fairly normal here…

Looking back at the airfield while following the pattern. I only started heading for my destination when I was back on base. That way people in Strausberg won’t complain too much about the noise, as I avoided overflying the town.

Passing Werneuchen (EDBW) in 1500 feet. Many years ago a Saab 2000 made an emergency landing at this small airfield, which also houses many solar panels nowadays

Cruising to the north of Berlin. Can you find the old Berlin Tegel airport (EDDT/TXL) in the distance?

On final for runway 28 in Fehrbellin

Vacating the runway

And safely made it to a parking position. Time to let the Cessna rest again


Part three
I decided to pull another short leg today. It was a very short and uneventful flight, but I think it’s worth mentioning.

On this flight I went from Fehrbellin (EDBF) just around 8 miles south to Bienenfarm (EDOI). Bienenfarm is known for hosting many small events every year, which usually are related to classic aircraft. Pilots from all over europe would sometimes fly their old-timers here and have a good time.
Our Cessna 172 certainly is a less spectacular airplane for Bienenfarm, it’s still very welcome to join however.

Enough time spent in EDBF, time to get going

Departing Fehrbellin

Already turning right downwind Runway 30 in EDOI

Safely landed in Bienenfarm. The runway actually is parallel to a quite important train route right next to it. This can lead to interesting sights for Pilots as well as train passengers and personnel.

Reached a parking position


this was interesting to read especially the part 2 and 3 you added

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Thank you very much! I’m planning to add a few more flights, but won’t make any promises for now

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Part four:
After spending some time at airfields in East Germany, I decided to head to a different region now. My destination of choice was Enschede (EHTW) in the Netherlands. The airport has a 2400m runway. Far beyond sufficient for a Cessna 172. That is, because it used to have military operations, as well as scheduled passenger operations.
As of right now it sees far less use. It’s home to a glider club and to maintenance, storage and scrap operations. So, even though there are no more passenger flights happening here, large passenger aircraft can still be found, waiting for an uncertain future…

We had a nice stay in Bienenfarm, time to refuel and get going

Departing runway 30 in EDOI with some very light crosswinds

We have reached todays cruising altitude of 4500 feet

Flying south to Hanover, keeping a distance from all controlled airspaces on the way. As central europe was relatively busy, this did feel safer. To our left you can see the Harz mountains. A very beautiful region that is certainly worth a visit.

Cruising above Bielefeld, the place that doesn’t exist…

On downwind for runway 23 in Enschede

Safely landed in EHTW

Reached a parking position, just opposite a few storage positions for passenger aircraft that are currently not flying scheduled services. It would be rather uncommen for pilots like me to just park here, I however got a permit from the companies running the services here

Thank you for comming along today!


One session. Five flights. Six airports.

This certainly was my longest session in IF so far. And it really was fun. I hope you enjoyed my little adventure. It sums up at 5 landings, 9 hours and 40 minutes of flight time and 6479 XP

Thank you for following me here and I hope you enjoyed it

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I believe you posted part 5 in Would you rather IF edition @Hendrik2003

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Thank you!

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Part five - final tour:

Well, today I went on a rather long flight. I left Enschede and flew to a town that is very well liked by those who like wintersports. And it also has one of Europe’s most challenging passenger airports. We are talking about Innsbruck (LOWI) in Austria.

Tanks are filled up again, time to get going

It was a very shaky take off under turbulent weather conditions. I’m struggeling to gain altitude. Had I known this I would’ve used the full runway…

Still having a hard time climbing…

Finally on my initial cruising altitude of 5500 feet. It’s still kinda shaky up here…

Some nice views over Central Germany

The alps are in sight!
It did still take quite some time to reach them however

I just think it’s beautiful

Over the mountains. This is actually the first and only time on this tour that I’m following an IFR procedure. Using an approach procedure into runway 26 at LOWI just felt safer in the mountains. On the other hand, it would’ve also been safer to fly above the trench the whole time…

Landed on runway 08C, the longer one of the two grass runways that are usually only used by gliders. As a glider pilot I like grass. It was kinda tricky flying a downwind right next to the mountain, but it worked. The wind came from 090°, so it wouldn’t have made sense to go straight in for runway 26…

Parked in the GA area opposite the passenger terminal and control tower. Gotta thank the local glider club for letting me use their runway

Thank you for coming along today


And now this would apply

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