Tour in Qatar, Doha


This doesn’t seem like a normal airliner what plane was it?

Euro fox

idk what plane is it, but whats werid is that I saw a camera on a window. And on the window was what looks like one of these openable window.

I believe that this is a Diamond DA40NG

Are you learning to fly or was this just an experience flight?

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Just experience flight ,and about the plan yes is diamond

Doha is so beautiful!!

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The Middle East IS beautiful
But people only think of Dubai… (I’m not saying it’s bad)
Glad to see you gave some attention to Doha!
It’s an equally good and beautiful city
Anyway great pics!
You could have gone Qatar Airways spotting too.


Thanks, yes, I went on a tour, but not from Al Khor airport canceled. There is a new airport close to Al Zubarah city and very close for Al khor , also it’s great flight

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Thank you, my pictures can change their thinking

Very cool!! Looks like you had a fun time. I’m jealous.

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