Tour de GB (FNF GA)

So it looks like tomorrow’s FNF is GA (General Aviation) Based and all centred around the various islands scattered off the coast of Great Britain, sound like a perfect opportunity for a tour de GB

Any GA aircraft including:

Cessna 172
Daher TBM-930
Tiger XCub
Cessna citation x
Cirrus SR22
Cessna 208 caravan


  • 8:00Z/9:00BST:


  • Feel free to change aircraft anytime throughout the route, especially for the longer hop between EGHE and EGPK, also don’t feel pressured into staying the whole way though, join in whenever you want!:

How do you know what the FNF is when they haven’t released it, is this just speculation?

The FNF hasn’t even been released yet. Also, look at this to help format your group flights:

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TFR on all airports, stating FNF aircraft restriction :)

Hey! I hate to be that guy but this is against the rules of groupflights this has to be posted no longer than 3 hours before flying.


Well I would just wait until it is officialy released in order to make sure that you are 100 percent accurate and avoid speculation, but it is up to you.

Ah, ok I’ll try to get this taken down and get a new and improved one up tomorrow,
Sorry guys