Tour de Europe

                             Tour De Europe

What it is
Recently on the IFC, there has been a lot of challenges where people try to visit every state/country in a certain area. I want to try to alter this a bit. So I’m introducing the Tour De Europe.

How it works
while most of these topics focus on visiting only one city/airport in every country and visiting every country in a region this is a bit different. I’m not going to be visiting every country in Europe only some of them. I will also not visit only one city in every country, instead, some countries will have 2, or 3 places I will visit.

How this thread will work
before a flight, I will post a reply sharing basic info and time. then if you want to join you can pm me or reply to the post and I will add you to a discussion. After a flight, I will post an update with 1 or 2 pictures. if you want to join me for a lot of flights you can pm me too.

Where I will be visiting
Palma de Mallorca- Spain
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania- Baltic states
Dublin- Ireland
(4 more may be added based on what you guys want)

**Current status: Not yet started tour **

A few mentions

I would like to thank @canton for inspiring me and to make the above map I used this

Thanks and if you want to join PM me


for anyone wondering this will not start for at least a few days because of some other things I’m doing

poll time!!!

  • moscow
  • innsbruck
  • sweden
  • denmark
  • norway

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What’s the first route we are doing?

You could visit Barcelona in Spain. If winds help (they usually blow favorable to this), the approach at runway 25R provides views to the whole city and it’s very beautiful

Looks like we’re going to Barcelona and Innsbruck. we’ll be starting our first flight from London hethrow. more details posted soon

What’s the next route or third? I can join your route in a day or two

probably from Amsterdam to somewhere I haven’t figured this out. BTW the route from London is going to be in a few days after we finish the Australia tour.

** First route **

Starting Location: London Heathrow-EGLL
Destination: Amsterdam Schipol-EHAM

About London:
About Amsterdam:

Airline: KLM
Aircraft: 737-900


if anyone wants to join either message me here or private message me.

Yep so ACDT 4:00 PM LHR-AMS am I correct?


Gonna be doing this tommorow

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Why tomorrow

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