Touching Grass

hi. my friend said go touch grass, so I did a flight to prove to him I could indeed touch grass.

Disclaimer: lmao I don’t have friends πŸ’€πŸ’€

Flight Details
Route: CAK3-CYBF
Aircraft: TBM-930
Flight Time: 1 Hour, 3 minutes.

Parked on grass.

Taking off on grass.

Above the grass.

Cockpit shot, taken above a grass field.

Descending over grass.

Landing on grass again.

grass is cool :D


When I saw the title for this, I kinda knew what was about to happen πŸ’€.

Lovely shots!


thank you so much i earned a lot of knowledge from this


Lol I’m glad

I think you should eat grass also…. Great I pictures btw.


Mmmm tasty.

Cool shots @DarkspoulYT, and congratulations on touching grass…

Yes indeed, grass is very cool 😎


Lmao thanks

We should touch grass together sometime.

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Disagree. In Arizona, all we have is rocks
Grass is really really overrated. Grass is just some green strips of stuff you see everywhere but Arizona. So that makes me question- what is the point in grass?
Some say to make places look pretty, but I think that there was nothing else good to put on this earth so we just decided on GRASS
so overrated. You have to do a bunch of stuff to the grass, like cut it every few weeks. In Arizona, we don’t have to do that because WE DONT HAVE GRASS
and I’m proud of it
So listen to those people (preferably discord mods) and don’t go outside and touch grass. The best thing To do is to not go outside at all. Not even to take out the trash, or when someone is giving out money. Why? BECAUSE YOU MIGHT ACCIDENTALLY STEP ON GRASS!
grass can be in front yards, yards, and even cracks in sidewalks. So watch where you walk people.
Anyway, grass is overrated
Thank you for listening to my Ted Talk

and nice pics lol


I just read that entire thing and I’m glad I did lol

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Ok wow @DarkspoulYT i touch grass every single day

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nice shots lol


Hair is grass, beard is grass, eyes are grass, teeth are grass, nose is grass, ear is grass everything is made up of grass. This is called a GRASSMAN. Wait but why not a GRASSPLANE?


I disagree. If everything is grass, then we are in big trouble. There will be no such thing as β€œgrass plane” as long as I’m around. No grass anywhere. Darkspoul and all the others have already created a horrible crime, as horrible as tik tok trends. NO GRASS!!!

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I am just joking.

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Grass is grass so that means grass is a grass because of that, grass is grassy meaning that planes can indeed land on grass because grass is grass, and grass is the equivalent to plane.

Toung twister lol


Grass runways are meant for any plane. Bush planes, grassplanes, airliner planes, and ryanair planes.



Lovely pictures! Canada has some really beautiful scenery!


Ah yes CAK3, the airport is even more cute in real life!

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