Touchdown smoke and sounds.

I have qeustion is the touchdown smoke ever going to be releasd? And so no why not? And where are the touchdown sounds? I know they where there!

Greatings Mell

As said here, FDS was making progress on landing smoke but they had some technical difficulties.

To my knowledge, There are touchdown sounds in aircrafts, e.g. the F22 Raptor.


To my knowledge, the touchdown sounds are still there; you just have to be in an outside view. Also, they don’t work on replays.


Oo i didnt see that! Feel free to close!

I just landed a 737-700 and No sound at all!

There use to be touchdown noises for all aircraft but that is dating back a few years. Most if not all the commercial aircraft in Infinite Flight now don’t have touchdown noises or smoke. Tbh, didn’t really fancy the noises…

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Land in tail view. It should make a noise.

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