Touch screen problems

I have been playing infinite flight for a long time now and it has always had problems with the touch screen. It won’t respond to touches, delay or trigger a completely different button. I was wondering if it is my device or something else. I am using a used iphone 6.

Is this always or just with high amounts of traffic?

It has been always. even on solo.

That is not normal at all, if you have treied reinstalling IF and restarting your device already then I would assume that your display is faulty.

Is this only happening with Infinite Flight or other apps as well?

Possibly restarting your device or reinstalling Infinite Flight could help.

hello Tyson verify that there is no battery saver because it had made me bug on my if

Is there is a difference with the touches with the device plugged in vs not plugged in?

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It is plugged in usually.

See if it happens without it plugged in?

You could also make sure the app and your software are up to date

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