Touch not working

I’m not sure why everyone believes this to be the magical solution to everything.
It’s a 200MB-ish cache that stores scenery tiles. The only time clearing that is necessary is when scenery is having issues loading or when there’s an issue with the ground not being solid below your aircraft causing you to fall through it.

People use that? (:
Volume up + lock button until you get “Slide to power off” is what I’ve always done.

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I would say this is most likely a device issue since the app is not detecting any input based on the previous statements of “Show touches” not showing anything.

Might be worth considering a full factory reset.

So should I do a hard reset or a regular shutdown between each flight? My game felt smoother doing the hard reset but i don’t know how it is bad for my iPad

I wouldn’t say it makes a difference to be entirely honest. The “hard reset” is mostly there if the operating system comes to a complete stand still.


Bad news. My method is not really working as I still have problems. Usually happens while or after my iPad is on the charger. Yes my iPad gets a bit warm but it doesn’t get hot. I’ve contacted Apple Support and they did a diagnostic test. They found no problems with my iPad, therefore it is the game. Any help on how I can just play the dang game like I’ve been wanting to do?

maybe it has a third party screen, my phone has one and it sucks and it does this sometimes, i just turn off and turn on

Does your IPad have a screen protector? If the screen protector isn’t sitting right on the screen, it might cause this issue. Is the surface of the iPad clean (no fingerprints, the grim, nothing)? I’ve had times when my screen might not work if there is stuff on it like water. Is there anything else touching the screen that you aren’t aware of? If it has a case that hugs the screen a little, that might cause that problem. It also could be that you are touching the screen in an area that you aren’t aware of. The last question I have and it’s kind of stupid but are your fingers clean? Sometimes having dirty hands could mess with how your device works.

Something you could try is using a stylus. Styluses usually work every time but if it doesn’t, it could be due to something I mentioned above.

This is mostly a guess to be what’s wrong. If I could somehow replicate it, I could potentially find a fix for it, but I don’t have the same IPad.

Not quite. Based on your earlier description - the app is not registering any input from your device. That’s not an app failure.

Secondly, unless you physically visited the store and had your device hooked up to their equipment while the error occurred - their “diagnostics” are pointless.

Lastly - the likelihood of the app being the issue here becomes even lower given the number of people experiencing this issue. That count is currently 1.

As I mentioned earlier - factory reset may be the best option here.

I am going to factory reset it right now and hopefully it fixed the issues.

Well the glitch is still here and I know 100% it is an IF issue because I don’t have this issue on any other app besides IF. Very annoyed rn.

I just reset my iPad so hopefully it works on this flight.

As I mentioned earlier - you’re the only one having this issue. The logic that the app would be the cause of this is therefore somewhat far fetched.

Do you have “Show touches” enabled? When this happens, I assume that everything else in the app continues to run normally? It’s just that the touches aren’t picked up?

So touching certain buttons on my IPAD Pro doesn’t always work either. In most cases, the Rudder and Throttle button only reacts on the second touch. If I reinstall the app it only works on the first flight and then it’s over again.

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Is this per flight or do you have to touch RUD/Throttle twice before it reacts every time you need to do something with them?

Evertime, its hard in the Landing when you like to play with the throttle

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Thanks for the additional details there. It helps.
Let’s see if it’s the same for @Pilot_InfiniteFlight or if the behavior is different.

It usually happens on decent and during landings but I’ve noticed it kinda happen whenever.

This is what I was more interested in :)
Is it the same for you?

Happens all the time.

Mine is kinda of like either the entire screen or parts of my screen like doesn’t work for a few secs.