Touch not working

Hey IFC! I am having an issue where sometimes just randomly whenever I click a button on IF, it just doesn’t work. It does this randomly and lasts about a few seconds. Does anyone else have this issue? I play on an iPad Air 3rd Gen with plenty of free storage. This only happens on IF also, never experienced this on any other app. Thanks guys!


Does anyone know?


Have you tried restarting your device and seeing if the touching delay is still there?

Do you mean buttons on the home screen, buttons (controls) when flying, or both?

I did restart my device and even deleted and reinstalled the app but nothing worked. When I say buttons I mean like when you’re flying in IF, it like glitches to where I cannot like do anything on the screen. I can click the home button and shut down my iPad still. If I leave the app then the touch works on my iPad like normal. It only happens on IF while flying.

That’s a great initiative from you, trying to fix the issue on your end.

What graphics settings are you currently using?

If it’s while flying, depending on your device, using high graphics settings produces a low/unstable frame rate, and a low frame rate produces lag/delay when touching buttons on your screen.

Might be good to have “Show touches” enabled if you’re experiencing this often in addition to what’s already been asked & mentioned. That’s an easy way to determine if the app is detecting touch input or not.

Here are my settings:

Anti-aliasing off
Rendering resolution high
Rendering quality low
Texture quality high
3D object density medium
Airplane count low

What i’ve found out is that it only does this once i start my decent. I am currently descending into Denver and it is happened rn.

I turned it on and when the touch ain’t working the little white circles don’t appear

This just caused my plane to crash.

Maybe check your device storage, see if it could handle infinite flight

I have over 200GB in free storage.

I had something similar this morning, when pushing back, I could not turn for a few seconds. The button moved, but the push truck kept going straight. After that, all went fine.

Mine the touch just like glitches out. Sometimes it is just one area then sometimes it’s the entire screen. Easier I ran out of speed and crashed when I was about to land in KDEN due to this glitch. I feel like I remember my old iPad Pro 10.5 inch screen have the same issue also but it wasn’t that bad.

Does anyone know what to do?

Did you calibrate when turning off autopilot?

Yes I did do that it has nothing to do with calibration.

Any solutions before I start my 8hr flight?

I found a solution. Do this before every flight. This is only for iPads by the way. You are going to first go on the Infinite Flight app and clear scenery cache. Once you do that fully close the app. Then your going to want to hold down the home button and the top on/off button at the same time. Your screen will go black and keep holding the buttons until the Apple logo appears. Once it is back on you should be good to go!

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That sounds very much like a force restart, as described in this link, and I personally wouldn’t recommend that unless everything - including things outside IF, like the OS - aren’t responding to touch or at all.

A much better way to safely restart an iPad is by going into settings → general → and then at the bottom there’s a button labeled “shutdown” Wait for it to shutdown then power it back up