Touch n Go Vs. Pattern Work

I’ve got a question here for The Community, um maybe more for ATC anyhow any feedback is appreciated … Is doing one touch and go considered pattern work, if it’s done at a different airport than you first departed? I fully understand pattern work, pattern altitudes, call outs etc. Where I’m confused is when I’m inbound to an airport that is not my final destination to one I’m really just passing over and tune to an atis that reads out “ No pattern work allowed” I’m I not allowed to do one touch and go and continue on to my final destination? Would this be considered pattern work ?
Thanks to anyone in advance who can help shed a little light on this for me!
All The Best.

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Hmm. Interesting - no, if you do pattern work at a different airport than you started off in, I guess that’s not pattern work at the airport you started at. But would still be considered pattern work at that other airport.

Lets say you start at KLAX - there is atc. You fly to San Diego to do pattern work - that’s doing pattern work at SAN not LAX.

It’s only pattern work if you’re in the pattern (downwind, base, etc), however, I would strongly suggest you not do touch and goes at peak hour at busy airports, as this will confuse the controller and disrupt the traffic flow.

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I don’t see an issue with doing a touch and go and then departing from the airspace. If there was no pattern on ATIS, I would probably clear you for the option without specifying left / right traffic, and then after you lift off I’d either hand you off to approach / departure or give you a frequency change if there’s no APP/DEP available.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions ;)

— Jakub

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