Touch Input Get stucked

Hi everyone! So right now i’m in the climb to cruise phase in my flight. When i want to see my nav displays i zoomed in but after i zoomed in i felt like one of my touch input get stuck. Is there any idea on how to fix this?


Hello there!!!

I’m sorry that you are going through this , but can you explain more because im not quite understanding what is going on.

Thank you have a great day!!!

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Are you saying it’s stucked zoomed in?

If you double tap on your screen, does the zoom reset to the normal view?

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after i zoomed into the navigation display, i can zoomed out but i cannot pan the camera back to other displays.

just zoomed out, the zoom does not reset to normal view.

is it maybe you chose a different camera position??

other camera positions get stucked as well.

can you provide a screenshot please, if that is not possible , what is your device , and is the device hot??

I think just turn off and on immediately will solve this problem, cuz i have the same like you.

So double tapping on the screen does nothing?

Have you tried closing IF and rebooting your device?

i’ll try to provide a video of it after my exam since its not possible to see in screenshots, my device is warm. and my device is realme 7 pro

double tapping results nothing. i havent closed and rebooting because im doing sq22, which is the longest flight in the world

Well as suggested above try restarting the app, if that doesn’t work , I think its possibly an issue from the device itself , as its an ongoing problem with the Realme devices, I did a bit of research and that is what I found.

So try to restart the app, and restart the device itself , if that doesn’t work , I’m sorry to tell you that the problem is with the device.

you can read more about it here:

I think the only solution is in fact to restart the device or the app, just exit the flight, flight hours will be saved , then take off again from where you exited :)

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