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I have a question when it comes to doing pattern work and touch and goes. When I am flying in pattern work and the ATC Controller says “Cleared for the option”, does it mean I can land or do a touch and go? Also if I do touch and goes, is it necessary to request for landing if they clear me for the option?

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If the controller clears you for the option, it means that you can do a full stop, touch and go, stop and go, or a low approach.


So when they clear me for the option I don’t need to request a landing?

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No, you don’t need to request for landing if you’re already cleared. But if the controller tells you “cleared to land” instead of “cleared for the option”, you have to land full stop.


Adding to @Aviation_Capital.
A Full stop doesn’t mean to ”Stop” on the runway, it means that you’ll exit the runway…
Just slow down to 20-30 kts, and when able, turn ”left” or ”right”, and if you need to stop (either to contact ground, turn off your strobes/landing lights, etc…) please make sure to stop after the hold short line.
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It is nice if you report position with your intention of full stop if they clear you for the option.


After your first pattern (Touch and go) wait for the authorization of the controller, if the ATC does not give it to you and you are already in base or final you have to report your position followed by what you are going to do (T&G or Full stop)


You don’t need to report postion, but it’s helpful for the controller.

Clear for the option means: Touch & Go, Lowpass or Land.

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