Touch & Go Flight!

Today is a great day for touch&goes!
Flight plan:


At my First touch&go waypoint, I forgot to raise the gear and crashed. OOPS. (It was at KWJF)
At KEDW, I did a touch&go and repeat it on the runway ahead me, successfully!!
This is what MMTJ, Mexico gave me, a crash!
At KNRS, another crash. I am a total failure.
At my last landing point, KPMD, I landed successfully!


Wow that is a crazy amount of xp :o

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no not crazy i got 5000 of XP in 1h45m by T&G

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i heard that XP is calculated like this:
Flight time in minutes times (* or x) 10. Plus you get addiotional XP for landings, T&Gā€™s.

spitfire will get more more in small runway *_^

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at same airport just try

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