Touch & Go Around

How I imagine most landings in IF are like:


I saw the Concorde there.

I loved the way the pilots kept yanking the throttle up

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that’s me when landing at Heathrow in crosswind IF

even worst

When you are on your way to your girl’s house and she texts you “My parents just came home.”


he was not ready!!!

The person that made that video needs to know that over-dramatism (Caps, “extreme”, “dangerous”, “rare”, excess punctuation marks) coupled with cheesy, colored, and unappealing fonts is a great way to turn away potential viewers. I’m always underwhelmed seeing these and those text graphics and title is insanely irrtating and annoying.


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Welcome to the playground!

Wow that’s a cool video. I’m not too surprised though, here in Wales we experienced over 100mph+ gusts during the same storm Imogen, many flights weren’t even allowed to land

It was very strong touch & go !!

I would have gone around already if I noticed a gust would hit me, around 2:25

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The wheels smashed the ground, I wonder what damage and how much smoke came out…

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Swiss Airlines hard landing: no one screams
Jet2 reasonable landing: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhhhsssssssss can be heard from outside the plane.

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They have to pull back (the yoke) earlier