Touch and Hold Arrows to Move Waypoints

What I’m requesting would be really useful for when you need to edit long flight plans and the method (that I’m aware of) that’s currently used in IF is a little tedious. I don’t quite know how to exactly edit the photo to show clearly what I’m requesting but please bear with me :)

How It Works

This will help pilots more with flights that are long hauls, let’s say you need to edit you FPL and place a waypoint up the list from where it currently is. In the picture below we need to place the VOR: SPI below waypoint KEYKE. Using the method we have right now you need to repeatedly press the up arrow to place the waypoint in the new slot. In this scenario the amount of slots needed to move isn’t that much so the current method is fine but in the case of having to go greater amount of spaces up it gets a little more tedious. When you’ve a good amount of waypoints you got to edit this feature would help reduce some time spending on the ground planning.

By the way I don’t exactly know the word for this feature, if there is, so I’m not aware if there’s a duplicate of this or not. Sorry if that happens.

you have done everything correctly i have checked if this is a duplicate and it isn’t i have voted for the idea


This would be a very subtle, but very effective change!

Good idea! I might give up a vote for this. 👍


Just gonna quietly bumps this. I honestly think this would benefit all pilots since we use fpl’s for every flight even though this is a minor addition.

Well THAT’S good to know. I’ve been deleting waypoints all the way back to the spot I need to edit 😳. I figured there was an easier way, but I never tried.


If you vote you can help make an even easier way 😉.

Also that’s a big oof lol, must be painful making your fpl that way. The more you know :)