Touch and go's

What is the best aircraft, airport,speed and other things to use for touch and go’s fast.

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EDDF has a dislocated runway that you can take off and land in about 45 seconds: also cessna or a citation would be good: speed below 200 knts above 160 though

Any airports with 2-3 parallel runways and limited terrain. Example KVAD or EDDT… I recommend using the C208 for the tightest patterns.

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Try this. Here is a video for reference (:

Any GA. The TBM is a very agile aircraft. If you do tight patterns go up to 1K and if you do wider patterns go up to 2K AGL.
Speed for the TBM should be around 120 in the pattern and the landing speed is around 80-90 knots

TAPT Cocoa point, Cessna 208, easy landmarks makes it easy to do quick turns right back to glide slope

I would say the Cessna 208 is best for the fastest touch and goes. It can handle airports that are even quite small. Maybe Bora Bora if you like good scenery. I suggest 90kts near touchdown.

F22 at any airport with parallel runways, casual server (of course)

With your exact question in mind, “fast” touch and gos are probably easiest at Denver intl (KDEN) using the Citation X or, as mentioned above by various members, something agile such as the TBM or C208

KSNA is a good GA and commercial airport if you want to practice T&Gs. (Plus you can visit Disneyland :P)

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