Touch and goes

Once the ATC controller has gave you “clear for the option” clearence and you touch down for a touch and go, can you immediately takeoff again or do you have to request takeoff clearence again?

You don’t have to request for clearance once you touch down.

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So can you just go back in the air immediately?

And how do you know to do left traffic or right traffic?
Do you do the same pattern as you did to land?


A good way to remember is that if the runway is to your left it is left traffic and if the runway is to your right it is right pattern.

Yes unless ATC says otherwise (correct me if I’m wrong on this)


Thank you. But since you don’t ask for clearance again, how do you know if you enter left or right downwind, since you haven’t made communications with the ATC

You enter the same pattern you did before


The pattern direction is included in the takeoff clearance. Do do not need to report position unless you’re on a short base or final an haven’t yet received a landing clearance! Hope this helps!


If “cleared for the option” you can T&G without a need to req a further T/O clearance.

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If you have req T/O to “remain in the pattern” we will give you a pattern direction with the clearance. You will also be given a pattern direction on the first “option” clearance or if you change runways.

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Hi hi,

I’m probably going to repeat what everyone else has already said, but! I’ll briefly explain what cleared for the option means :)

Cleared for the option is simply a clearance that allows the aircraft to do one of the actions listed below:

  • Land
  • Perform a T&G (Touch & Go)
  • Low approach
  • Stop & Go

Now to resolve the confusion about either going left or right, it’s pretty simple.
Let’s say you are inbound into Lelystad airport (EHRD), The Air Traffic Controller currently staffing the tower frequency will give you a pattern entry. Followed by a potential sequence. A sequence isn’t needed if you’re N.1. Then there is the clearance, let’s say you’ve requested inbound T&G. Tower will clear you for the option with a traffic direction, left or right. Left means you should make left traffic, and right means you make right traffic. That simple :)

But there is also the possibility you’ve done a T&G and now just want to depart, you can do this by requesting a departure to either the North, East, South, or West. Tower will approve of this and issue a frequency change.

Hopefully, this helped!


Ok thank you so much 🙏

Thank you very very much 😊

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