Touch and Goes

What is the point of touch and goes?

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To gain xp, and landing counts in live

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Not sure if this is an exact duplicate, but check this out: Call Inbound For Touch & Go With Departure Afterwards

In IF, Touch and Goes yield more XP than normal landings as it is said that it is counted as both a landing and a takeoff, provided if your nose gear touches the ground as well.

No, that has nothing to do with this…

Touch and goes are fun😄


Can you explain?

Firstly, are you asking within the context of IF or IRL?

What would you like explained

I know they do it in real life

So are you asking about IF or in real life?

They do, but you put this in #general. Which means you’re talking about Infinite Flight.

Real life pls

I was at first but then u said it was for fun so now I’m wondering about real life

Yes, crazy source:

In real world, TnGs are used for training, precision, and just to have some fun. Well the same can be applied to TnGs on Infinite Flight but they also will help you to increase your XP when flying on any of the LIVE Servers.


People in real life really do? Lol

All the time.

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Landing Currency…

The point of a touch and go is to “touch and go” :)

Isn’t it spelt ‘Touch and gos’ ?

If i am bouncing on the runway couple times is it counted as touch and goes?