Touch and Goes Question

Hey, i wanna do pattern work and alot of landings… any suggestion of planes and airports? (in which currently includes and does not include ATC?)

Thank you

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KEDW in the X-Cub. Nothing beats it. 11 runways, so much room for touch and goes.

KDEN and KORD would be great!

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Running out of likes? I’m not sure I’ve heard this before so sorry if it’s a thing

you can run out of likes… the higher the thrust level, the more likes you get to use.

Adding on to everyone airports that have two parallel runways are also really good.

Never heard of that before, we are the same trust level and I have given over 500 likes, do you mean votes?

Because I know about the votes thing how tl1 gets 5 votes, tl2 gets 10 and tl3 get 15

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