Touch-and-Goes do not Register

I was doing for 30 minutes and did 5 and than came to full stop in the 6th one i came to a full-stop but it only registered 1 landing… Why did this happen and can i get back the touch and goes ?


How long are you in the runway before you pull up again?

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Make sure after each touchdown your nose wheel and main gear are fully planted on the runway for a few seconds, before pulling up again.

Change the hud so you can see landing count then you can make sure they counting.


There’s a few steps:)

  1. Have flaps set.
  2. Land on the centre line (Smooth landing)
  3. Have spoilers armed
  4. Active reverse thrusters when all wheels are on the ground, reverse thrusters for 2 seconds, then those and apply brakes for 2 seconds.
  5. Let go of the reverse thrusters(or till below 70-80 kts)
  6. Let roll for roughly a second
  7. Power up and repeat.

Note: On short runways, do not wait so long, just land apply breaks for 2 seconds turn them off roll for a second and repeat. If your airplane doesn’t have spoilers don’t worry about it:)

Ps: Sometimes if you close IF (Stop running in the background as well) Your landings will pop up, as it can take a while to register

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Make sure all wheels are touching for a solid 5 seconds before going again.

As @Alphadog4646 stated, sometimes you have to wait. Landings may not show up for a while, but if you have patience, they might appear (usually within a day or two).

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i was in the runway way till the plane got below 50 Knots

Was in the runway till plane got below 50 Knots

Did the same

Yep their were there for more than 5 seconds

Make this in support

Reverse thrusters go off at 60 in jets and 45 in props. Not 70 or 80.

Yea. Not how i do it. I still get mine.

K, that’s just how its always done irl as far as I know.

The OP is talking about Touch & Goes bud, nice tips for a landing though haha

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It’s not mate, once the aircraft is at 60kts what you’re blowing about can be sucked into the turbine so we stop reversing above it so there isnt any risk of FOD damage.

So an answer to your problem could be as simple as -

90 days ago, you did 4 landings. As those 4 landings dropped off and you executed 5, you are seeing the additional 1 being added.

Or it could be -

Landings must be 30 seconds apart to be counted, thus if you decided to “bunny hop” down the runway they will not count. Though this isnt the issue in your case looking at the time it took you to do 5 rollers.

With 19.2 came several things:

One, the qualifications for landings became less stringent, not more (to account for the Cub) and they’ve added a landing counter to one of the items that can be on the info bar at the bottom.

It you’re truly landing and that counter isn’t going up, I’d be very surprised. It’s nearly impossible not to have it count as a landing if you touchdown for even a second, if that. The only qualification is that there must be 30 seconds in between landings, to prevent the 360 “patterns” and bouncing from runway to runway at Denver or something.

Put the landing counter on, if it’s actually not going up send your replay to the support team or share it here.

If it is, then it’s likely you’re confusing total landings with 90 days landings as outlined above.

The list of “on the centerline…at least 60 knots…” etc is way more stringent than the actual counter requires. If you actually hit the runway, you should be good, so long as 30 seconds have passed.


Clearly you didn’t read it all or understand. It’s for TG.