Touch and Goes at KTBN!

Hello guys, it’s Easy Av and today, we will be doing some touch and goes at KTBN (Waynesville Regional at Forney Field) and this will be fun! Les go!


Very sharp turn here!

Uh oh! Gotta go Top Gun!

1/3 TAG Completed

Here we go again!


2/3 TAG Completed

For the last time, here we go!

Top Gun

We have landed! Thanks for watching and I will see you in the next one! Fly High, Aviators!


COOL! lots of cool photos!
(can i use 1 one my insta?)

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? (10 Chars)

Also for those who are confused, TAG stands for Touch And Go. I just had to shorten it.

Pattern procedures have left the chat

Btw love the TBM030🤩