Touch and goes at KSFO

Anyone wanna meet me at San Jose for some Touch and goes? Gonna spawn at San Jose and fly to San Francisco. I will be in an unmarked 757 and my callsign is Dreamjet.

Plz reply if interested!

Anybody? (Fill)

where are you?

About to spawn at San Jose. You coming along?

yes i’m coming

will be Black NewZealand

Call: AirVictor Heavy with an 777-300ER

It’s on free flight.

ok i’m entering

See you there!

where are you?

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Spawning at gate A10.

4000FT. 200 knots pls!

i’m on it already

i’m following you

i’m not gonna flight seriously

Runway 28L and 28R.

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i’m flying VFR

28 minutes 420 xp Free Flight is a chaos.

Where r u?