Touch and Go

Hello, IFC!

So, in a Touch and Go, your wheels have to fully touch the ground before taking off again. My question is, do you have to come to a full stop and end the flight to get credit for the landing, or can you just land and take off again to get credit for the landing?

None of the topics I searched gave a definitive answer for my question.


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You have to be on the ground for around 5-10 seconds for the landing to count.

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Okay, thanks! Much appreciated.

In addition to this usually I land with normal landing settings, once fully on the ground reconfigure to takeoff setting then take back off, bleed a bit of speed for it to count too, usually about 20kts or over does the job

  • main landing gear needs to make contact
  • time on the ground does not matter
  • bouncing multiple times on the same runway do not count extra
  • too quick of patterns may not register.

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